Our clients words, not ours.

"To whom it may concern"

"My husband and I lived in Washington State, 1900+ miles west of Oklahoma. We planned to move there to be closer to family. We did not know anybody in Oklahoma yet, we wanted to buy a home there, so we could just move and drive right up to a nice house that we owned.
That is a big order for miracles, but the Lord pointed us to Steve Kyle and he made miracles from God happen! First, Steve, got started looking in the areas in which we were interested. We asked about financing and he pointed us to a brilliant young man named Nick Utesch, who got the ball rolling. Nick processed the loan and Steve found us the perfect home. As soon as we looked at that listing which Sieve had emailed, we knew this was the house for us! Who, in their right mind, would ever buy a house sight unseen, much less from nearly 2,000 miles away? Because of Steve's experience, cordial and confident manner, we felt right away that we could trust him completely. He was available to talk with us whenever we had questions, and explained the whole house buying/closing process to us. Steve also had such a laid back "trust in the Lord", deeply sincere manner about him that we relaxed and put all our hopes in him. He found the inspector and helped us through making an offer. Putting earnest money down, and negotiating the affordable sale price. Thanks to Steve, we did not have to pay a dime of closing costs, and in the end got the fees we put out for appraisal and inspections back, and then some. We did all the initial paperwork online long distance, and it was even arraigned for a mobile notary to come to our home in WA and help us through all the papers that needed signed.
We just listened to what Steve said, did it and truly, EVERYTHING was a breeze! We DID pack up and move io Oklahoma into a house that was all OURS!! He made it so easy. He did the walk through with the inspector. called us and told us all about it, and then he handled the signing coordination in Oklahoma and received our check for money back and a thick bundle of papers from closing, and even delivered them to the house before we arrived. He gave us an honest review of the condition of the house which was 47 years old (and had good bones) and we even became friends with the owners, because of the considerate way Steve interacted with them. To top off all the great work Steve did he and his lovely wife gave us a large, gorgeous, very meaningful framed piece of nice art work for our home, personally inscribed io us. They came over to meet and hug us when we arrived and that sealed the deal for us! Truly God did work through Steve to bless us with this new home! We are forever thankful for all he did to make our purchase so smooth, easy and forthright! I would recommend him to anyone as a realtor and a friend!"
Melinda and William Bogert

"With appreciation"

Steve and Pam thank you guys so much for everything! We love our new home and couldn't tell you enough how much we appreciated all that you guys have done for us. We were blessed with the best realtors! You both have made an impact in Zak and I's life in so many ways. You guys truly care about your clients. Were so happy with our home. We just want to tell you both THANK YOU! Sincere thanks for all you've done.

Zak and Aubrey


Pam and Steve are the most caring and loving realtors we have ever met. Being a military family and moving to a new area, we only had five days to find a home. Steve was on the job. He prayed with us that we would find the right home and our prayers were answered. Sieve and Pam sealed the deal on our new home. They were there every step of the way. They even kept check on the progress of our house while it was being built and we were still living in Georgia. Pam even watched our four year old while we inspected our house before closing. We would highly recommend Steve and Pam to anyone. Win Steve's background and Pam's great eye for design and detail, they are the perfect team! We love you guys! God Bless.

The Mister Family

"Awesome Agents"

I would highly recommend The Steve Kyle Team to you for the purchase of a home. Steve was knowledgeable and helpful io me every step of the way on the purchase of my new home and the handling of the sale of my old home. Steve went above and beyond when! encountered a problem shortly after my move into my new home. Steve provided me with information I needed to make decisions necessary to both purchase my new home and sell my old one in a timely manner. Sincerely,

Carolyn Stevenson

"Pam and Steve"

What great realtors, and even better people. They SOLD my house in three months after I had tried two other realtors that tried to sell it in a year. Thank you, Pam and Steve

John D Bell


They helped us find our home too!! We are so blessed that GOD placed them in our path!!!

Casey & Ramona Wylie